The Closing Process

The closing is the final step of many, in the process of purchasing or selling a home. This is the day in which the homebuyer officially takes over ownership of the property. For the seller, this is when their proceeds are received from the sale. The many steps prior to this include: buyer financing, appraisals, title search, inspections, and repairs (if necessary). The physical closing, however is the most exciting part! The day has finally arrived!

Your closing will be attended by you, your Realtor, your Lender (if applicable) and your Title Representative or Closing Agent. The Closing Agent will present and explain all of the documents you are signing and the closing costs incurred with your closing. The Closing Agent makes sure that all documents are completed and signed correctly and that all funds needed for closing are received. IMPORTANT NOTE: If all funds are not received at the time of the closing, the closing must be delayed until they are received. Nebraska is a “table-funded” stated, meaning funds must be received at or before the time of signing. Completing a closing without all of the required funds is considered a “dry” closing and cannot be done. No signing or exchanging of keys should take place prior to all funds receipted. We understand that wires can be held up in the federal reserve, however we still cannot proceed until they are received. Buyers can wire transfer their funds for closing or bring a certified cashier’s check to the closing table. A buyer must also present a current valid Photo I.D. (drivers license or passport). Some lender’s may require two forms of identification which you will be made aware of ahead of your closing.

The closing day is not just exciting for the Homebuyer, but the Closing Agent as well. Closing Agents thoroughly enjoy being a part of the homeownership process. It is a very gratifying feeling to see those keys being handed over! Happy Closing Everyone!

If you have questions regarding your closing, please feel free to reach out to our team at Dodge County Title & Escrow, (402)721-5833 or visit us in person at 549 N. Main in Fremont, NE.