The Road to a Successful Closing

Are you in the process of purchasing a home? Here are some very helpful tips to make your journey a little easier!

  1. Make sure to provide any information to your Escrow/Title Agent in a timely manner. Not doing so can potentially cause a delay in your home closing.
  2. Do not make any large purchases or finance anything. This includes using your credit cards. Any minor change in your credit history or available funds can hurt your approval if you are obtaining a mortgage loan.
  3. Be prepared for closing! You will need certified funds to bring to closing, meaning a cashier’s check or a wire transfer from your banking institution. Personal checks are not accepted. Also make sure to bring a current driver’s license, state issued photo ID or Passport. It cannot be expired.
  4. Ask questions! If at any time during your escrow process you are unsure of something, please call your Escrow Agent. They are here to explain the documents and processes to you and ensure you have smooth and seamless transaction.

If you have questions regarding your closing, please feel free to reach out to our team at Dodge County Title & Escrow at (402)721-5833.